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from the desk of DJ Satan

Love is rust

Death is dust


new band name


how do you unpack dust?

Badly warped


Fuck professionalism

Get a new lover



Where the fuck do I

park in Carlton?


Get a lawyer or a


Knowledge is fr…

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to vaccine or not that is the question

i hate talking about this so let's talk about something about typing as fast as you can whatever comes into your mind, no spelling rules... GO

the otehre say di was waitnti gfo the bus and theis womean wcmae up to me and told me that the worlds was gong to end soon but i didnt wreally …

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DJ Satan speaks

[large flying objects swooping to strafe the lower hemisphere]

You could be anonymous in Australia because everyone knows who you are.
Waiting to hear from you is like waiting to hear from the Bank.
The columns are still there but underground.
Sometimes it’s enough to think you could be doing some…

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New Name

Ashley has come up with a new name for a band: Choose_DEATH_Fucker.  I think it is a lovely name.  It couldn't have been chosen by many but you never know. I have a long list of band names but Ashley doesn't like them. 

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