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Ashley J. Higgs

Ashley was born in Melbourne, Australia.  He started his musical adventures in the Australian Boys Choir in the 1970's. A fearless sonic explorer, brave performer and intrepid Poet, he has been trans-morphing for over thirty years,  leading and collaborating along the way with many musicians and performers, recording in various settings, studios and field recordings. He is a founding member of The Magick Trousers, Scale and the many other ensembles he has put together and lead over the years. 

Abe Dunovits 

Abe was born in Argentina and has been living and making music in Australia for over 30 years, playing performing and recording in independent bands and groups.  He found a passion experimenting with music and sounds, recording and performing with mix tape manipulation, improvisation and cut-ups, as well as experimental electronic music manipulation, carving up a name for himself as Ray Unit.  He has been collaborating with improvisors from all walks of life, as well as recording and performing in different ensembles using a variety of home-made instruments, electronic devices, tapes, toys and unconventional folk instruments.  

The Magick Trousers Documentary

I made this short documentary about our sonic adventures with Allan Boyd and Mar Bucknell among others. We were trying to expand the boundaries of performance in some ways, going against the flow so to speak. It was a fun, creative time and I learnt a lot about making things up on the spot, and well, fucking shit up.

Abe Dunovits